Musium Fatahillah Kota Tua

Fatahillah Museum

Old Town. Region with the rest of the old building dutch, has become one of the interisting historical attractions in Jakarta. Location in the center of Jakarta, the Old Town is always an alternative choice Jakarta residents for recreational or increase knowledge about history. I was one of them. At the weekend, I visited the Old Town, Jakarta with my friends. Not difficult to find the old city area.

However, if you use common of transportation, there are several options to get to the Old Town area. There TransJakarta with the aim of the Old Town. There is also a railway transportation with the purpose of the City Station. From the station or stop Busway, you just walk to the Old Town area.

One well-known of the Old Town is a museum. There are several museums in the Old Town area. Among them; Fatahillah Museum, Puppet Museum, Museum in Fine Arts and Ceramics, Bank Indonesia Museum, and the Museum Bank Mandiri.


Puppet Museum

Complete it all the old town is not picture. So no wonder, if many couples who want to get married do prewedding photo in this region. Besides prewedding photo, this region is also frequently used as a filming locations or a video clip. So, it’s whether you take pictures in the old town areas.

If you take a pictures don’t forget to use the bicycle for rent. Renting a bicycle is included to get a loan cap style round Dutch increased the effect vintage. For bicycle rental rates in the old town of Rp. 20.000 for thirty minutes or Rp. 30.000 for one hour. For a bicycle can be ride by a people.

602623Museum Kota tua

If this is your first or came from outside the city of Jakarta, it’s good to enlist the services of a tour guide. Usually she offers bicycle hire package price along with his guide services. For the trip was to visit five historic sites in the old town area, namely Toko Merah, Kota Intan Bridge, Tower Syahbandar, Maritime Museum, and the port of Sunda Kelapa. On weekends usually old city always present a variety of events.


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