Kue Cubit Yummies


Cake pinch a street hawker who always preferred. In a row with the passage of time, this snack is transformed and more unique. Surviving only sweet sticky texture that became his trademark. Pinch cake known as one of Betawi traditional cake. The dough of flour, eggs and sugar molded in the mold half sphere.When removed, the cake should be pinched to escape from the mold. If during this cake plain known pinch of sweet or with a sprinkling of sugar, meisjes, and cheese, there are now pinch oreo cake with green tea ice cream.


One of the outlets cake pinch located in Jl. Bougenville number 10 offer new flavors pinch cake. There are four flavors of cake pinch here, namely the original flavor, chocolate, strawberry, oreo flavor, and taste of green tea. In addition to a choice of cake flavors, buyers can also choose the stuffing in a pastry pinch. There is a brown trunk, marshmellow, meisjes, chocolate chips, and cheese. Available to eat ice cream. The ice cream is also a taste of vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and green tea. You can also choose the toppings. Topping option available milo, almonds, grated cheese, meisjes, chocolate chip, blueberry sauce, strawberry, nutella, and chocolate. Both topping and filling indeed will automatically be acquired when buying a cake this pinch.


Currently pinch cake is cooked, you can choose. Cake pinch half-baked or cooked perfectly. Once out of the mold, the cake is still hot pinch will be placed in a plastic container. Topped with ice cream and topping other options. Pinch tasting Classic is truly be a unique experience. Oreo pinch hot cakes and ice cream cold green tea blends in the mouth and has a very soft texture. Not to mention, topping blueberry sauce and milo which makes it more sweet. Likewise, the pinch cake strawberry flavor. Fresh sweet strawberry cake pinch of heat and ice cream vanilla, almonds and cheese make this pinch cake rich in flavor. Two variants pinch cake is worth a try by you who like a sweet snack.

Prices cake pinch in Classic Pinch diverse. 4 contents pinch cake with topping and filling you can get a price of Rp 8,000. If you add the toppings, a variety of toppings priced at Rp 2,000. If you pinch cake plus ice cream, ice cream spade price per Rp 4,000 for the taste of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Green tea ice cream per scope Rp 7,000. Thus, a portion of a complete pinch cakes can be enjoyed at a price of Rp 12,000 – Rp 14,000, not including extra toppings.


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